Now I've Heard Everything

Recently, I broke my ankle. I was in the Hospital for surgery which generated an overnight stay.  Now…Before I go any further, let me just say that I have GREAT insurance. In FACT, It’s SO good, I rarely ever have to pay for ANYTHING. I mean NOTHING!!!  In all fairness though, I DO pay astronomical insurance premiums, in fact, they could probably keep an entire COUNTRY afloat for 30 days.

Anyway, the bills stared to roll in and per usual, ALL the bills charged were paid in full. You could see a smile run from ear to ear after each bill I opened.

I continued opening about four bills for the usual things like the ER, X-Rays, Dr. bills etc, when I opened the Mother Load of ALL bills. It was designated as Room and Board…SERIOUSLY??? Where was I staying, at the Hilton? Just take a guess at how much this one day stay was for “Room and Board”?

If you guessed 10K, you would have been right. I was floored. Ten thousand dollars…REALLY??? “For WHAT” I shouted out loud to no one. I mean I wasn’t staying at the Bellagio Penthouse in Vegas, I was having my temp. taken and blood pressure measured every 4 hours. Did I even SLEEP…I don’t THINK so. MAYBE, if hey gave me gourmet food cooked by chef Gordon Ramsey, and served with actual silk napkins, but NO…I had rice and beans with what appeared to be a meatloaf hidden behind he plate.

OK…HEAR’S the thing, They (Ins. Co.), not only paid the 10k, they paid the Hospital 20K…Now, I KNOW how to read a bill so when I saw this it made me angry. I got on the phone, called the Insurance Company to see if this was jus an error. When I finally go to speak with a REAL person, this is the answer I received. I was told that even though the Hospital ONLY charged Ten Thousand dollars for the “SERVICE”, SOMETIMES the Insurance Company pays more o insure that the hospital is proving he BEST of CARE. Can you even BELIEVE this, Now I’ve heard everything. I hung up the phone in total disgust and swore NEVER to be sick again.

Until Later…

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